Lochal Tilburg
Tilburg (2013-2014)

Studio: Msc 1 Architecture of the Interior (TU Delft)
Docenten: Mechtild Stuhlmacher, Noa Architecten
This project revolved around the design of a public interior. The assignment was to find a new use for two industrial halls that were used in the past for the assemblence of locomotives. The new function for the building was to become part of a large college complex.
Project description:
I chose to keep one of the halls empty as a space for events and exhibitions, and to build a library in the second. The main themes for my design are: hard vs. soft, industrial vs. natural, large vs. small, interaction vs. intimacy. While I think the appearance of the halls is very impressive with the immense columns and bridges, the massive open space and the incredible amount of steel and concrete, I also think it it very important to have smaller, more intimate spaces, with softer materials and a more human scale. This conviction led me to my design in which the existing structure is handled carefully and remains as a determining factor in perceiving the space, but is complemented with new spaces of different sizes, and with softer and more natural materials such as wood and felt.