Places of Transition
Addis Ababa, Ethiopië (2014-2015)

Studio: Msc 1 + 2 Dwelling/Methods and Analysis (TU Delft)
Docenten: Klaske Havik, Dick van Gameren, Tom Avermaete, Nelson Mota
All over the world cities are changing quickly as a result of phenomena such as rural urban migration, poverty, and modernization. Third world countries, such as Ethiopia, often adopt western methods to deal with these issues. The challenge is to find a solution that is better adapted to the culture, way of life, and possibilities of the place of intervention, but at the same time can set an example for similar projects in other parts of the world.
I designed a proposal for a renewed neighbourhood in Abajale, a settlement of rural-urban migrants on the border of the city. My project goal was strengthening Abajale’s position as a place of transition between rural and urban: Protecting the green character, the village-like qualities of the neighbourhood and rural skills such as agricultural production, while accommodating an amount of inhabitants and public and commercial functions fitting for a city.